Knowing We’re Growing Together

Two Trees at SunsetOur journey of growth and discovery can find us not always on par with our friends, families, co-workers and partners; our “growth speedometers” are not in sync.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to unwanted conflict and tension in our relationships.  

So, where do we begin “re-tuning” our relationships, growth speedometers and support those we care about and work with?:

  • Awareness and Personal Check-Ins-– where is your growth speedometer pointing right now?  Escalated?  Idling? Cruise control? Parked?  Checking in with ourselves first helps us gauge where others may be at any given time.  We can relate to their growing pains and find a touch point in which to reconnect.
  • Taking Special Note and Recognizing subtle (and not so subtle) changes in apologies, peace offerings, etc. (e.g. Did they make the first step this time to speak to you?, Did they offer to do a chore or task they normally wouldn’t do or like?).  Becoming aware that apologies are not always a simple “I’m sorry for…”, but can be as varied as a heartfelt hug, genuine compliment, or any other sincere gesture is key.
  • Verbally acknowledging these changes (e.g. Compliments, open and encouraging observations, written notes).  We ALL grow at different paces.  There is no right and wrong or correct pace.

Recognition and active acknowledgement are positive and easy steps towards supporting growth in others, and becoming more aware and insightful ourselves– WIN-WIN!!  Knowing that even the most confident and self-assured of us need validation from time to time is a very powerful tool!  Keep it sharp!!

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie


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  1. SHARE & CARE- I’d love to hear from you: Something I am constantly reminding myself of– to be mindful that we are all growing and showing that we’re growing in different ways and at different paces. What are your thoughts?


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