Change Gonna Come

Our world is constantly changing:  the cycle of seasons, night to day and day to night, professional and personal circumstances, and global events; because, of this so many of us are resistant to change and react to it as an unnatural, definitively negative and forceful occurrence.  Unfortunately, resistance can equal an unpleasant persistence.  But, what if we started to look at change as an essential element inherent in all of Nature?  If, anything Nature has taught us is that being flexible to change (adaptive) results in evolution in order to achieve a sustainable balance.

How does this relate to you and I?  We are all a beautiful part of Nature; diverse and wonderfully interconnected.  That’s not to say that change can’t be challenging, but allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable, fearful and anxious while continuing to grow is an extremely courageous act.  Viewing change and transition as part of our personal “growth trajectory” instead of as a loss of power over our situation helps to free us of mental rigidity.  Hence, opening up ourselves to creativity and opportunities instead of limitations.

One of the reasons why change is often difficult for us humans, is because change as with most natural occurrences, is not linear.  While on our growth trajectory, regression is just as much a part of the process.  And, a necessary one, too!  Regression has the ability to give way to us seeking out and sharing opportunities for lessons learned, and to revisit our approach and mindset in the face of change to positively adjust our circumstances.

For us to grow and attain our goals, we need change:  positive shifts in our perspectives, mindsets, approaches, strategies, thoughts and behaviours.

Let’s align with change as our ALLY and flourish! 🙂

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie


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