Hear what others are saying about Well-Being Life Coaching (Life & Stress Management, Transition & Change and Personal Development) & Intuitive Advising (non goal specific coaching) with Melanie Christian at Forward Muse Solutions.

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“Unpacking the barriers that keep one moving forward in life can be overwhelming. Melanie has a way of breaking it down and simplifying the aspects of your life so as to make the process manageable. From discovering the skills that you already have that can open up new employment opportunities to developing the skills necessary to navigate all sorts of relationships, Melanie has an approach that is supportive and validating. Her coaching has been truly valuable to my life. In many ways, Melanie’s coaching has been more valuable than any other professional service that I have explored thus far.”
— Tara, Vancouver, Canada

“Whenever I’m at a loss, whether it be with work or in my personal life, I can always count on Melanie to help me through it. Her advice is always great and I can tell she considers my personality when giving it as opposed to the “one size fits all” advice some people tend to give.”
— Janet, Toronto, Canada

“[Melanie] is such a wonderful and inspiring coach!!! Thank you so much!!”
— Skye, Arizona, USA

“Awesome, caring, dedicated, professional coaching. A+!”
— Irene, Vancouver, Canada

“Praise to Melanie at Forward Muse Solutions! I’m not sure where I’d be without her support and trusted guidance. When life throws me a little off track, I can always count on her wisdom to help keep me moving forward in the right direction. Often times progress requires us to ask difficult questions, yet more times than not we fall short simply because we lack the courage; this is where Melanie shines! She has a way of finding that which is already within us. Thank you! You are a gem and true credit to your profession. More than just a life coach, but also a friend I can count on.”
— Roman, West Vancouver, Canada

“It has been a pleasure to work with Melanie at Forward Muse Solutions. Her down-to-earth nature and insightfulness into people and their life goals is incredible. She possesses a rare grace and knowledge when dealing with life situations of all sorts. She works with her clients at a comfortable pace while providing resources and alternative ways of looking at many situations. She is an enlightening person to speak with and after working with her I feel motivated to make the changes necessary in my life to achieve the goals I desire. A true life coach, I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for some guidance in personal or business solutions.”
— Megan, Coquitlam, Canada

“I began working with Melanie at Forward Muse Solutions after being laid off from a job I loved. Melanie helped me work through my disappointment, to recognize the skills and experience I already have at my disposal, and to develop a clear picture of the new future I wanted to create. Her compassion and insight, as well as her incredible awareness of available resources and sense of timing, helped propel me into a new position and a greater awareness of why I wanted this type of career in the first place. This is truly ‘solutions’ oriented Life Coaching!”
— Kim, Vancouver, Canada