Muse Memes: Let Your Light Shine Bright

I will continue to beam my Light without guilt, shame or doubt. For when I do, I raise my vibration, that of others, and the vibration of that specific space and time; I continue to rais

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. When I have a goal I wish to achieve– one that is aligned with my desires and intentions, I will act on it in that moment. And then, take inspired action, instead of waiting for a new year.

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Muse Meme: Questions Are The Key

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*Special Offer: We’re At 100 Followers!*

Thai Fireworks Display

You know me I love just about any reason to celebrate!  And, acknowledging our successes is definitely up there at the head of the list!  The Process of Life blog has now reached 100 followers!  WHOO HOO!!! 🙂 Thank you to all who have been supporting and growing with me on this path over the past 8 months.  It continues to be a wild and inspiring ride full of discovery. Currently not following Coach Melanie on The Process of Life? Click on the “Follow” button at the bottom of the page to receive posts and offerings.

In honour of this personal and professional Milestone Moment, for the next 30 days- until June 8, 2016– I will be offering a discounted rate at more than 50% savings for face-to-face coaching or a free week when you sign up for digital coaching with me to support YOU in realizing your goals!

For more information, please email me at or direct message me on Facebook or Twitter. I can now also be found in The Wellness Universe community.

Sharing the love and learnings, Coach Melanie 🙂

Struggling for Motivation…A Dear Coach Melanie Letter, Part III

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In part 3 of my 4-part miniseries of life and well-being advice/guidance seeking open letters from the community with my responses, Struggling for Motivation seeks support in managing their time and staying motivated while being in school:

Dear Coach Melanie,
I am a post-secondary student and lately I’ve been struggling to stay motivated. My class schedule is full-time and incredibly intense; I’m expected to dedicate several hours a week on a single class, and I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to do everything, so I procrastinate.   Continue reading

Natural Healing: A Well-Being Recipe

Daisies Summer Still LifeIt’s a beautiful day and I’m feeling playful, (for those of you who know me you’ll know this is a common occurrence). But, Spring has finally sprung and there is so much natural bounty to behold.  So, in keeping with the wonders and healing powers of nature all around us below is my 10 Natural Medicines recipe to your bon health!  Serving rewards?: ongoing and replenishing! 🙂 Continue reading

New Resolution Solution

2016 ClockIt’s mid-January and you’re already feeling discouraged and losing momentum with your New Year’s resolutions.  You are not alone! Amidst all the hype and prospect of a new year and turning over a new leaf, it is easy to get ramped up towards realizing goals. However, once reality hits and our schedules normalize again, negotiating the doing part of working on and achieving our resolutions may become more taxing and seem less unattainable.  Which can often bring on the beginning of that slippery slope of rationalizing and justifying our delaying and procrastinating the goals we have set out for ourselves. Continue reading

Time Is On My Side

Winter Solstice has passed, a new year is upon us and the days are getting longer again. Yet, juggling all the moving parts and competing priorities (New Year’s resolutions and all) in our lives is still a tricky piece of business!  Feeling like you’re constantly racing against the clock, and not accomplishing all that you’ve set out to do can quickly become demotivating and discouraging.  Managing our time in this modern, fast paced, deadline driven world only adds to the pressure! Continue reading

ID Please!

It took me many years to fully appreciate my individual quirks and to realize it is through our diversity that we offer a uniqueness in service to the world(s) we live in; each soulful, authentic person being a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of human interconnectedness. Continue reading

To Dream A Dream

Surreal DreamIt’s no secret that constructive fantasizing (visualization) increases goal realization. Putting ourselves in the mindset of picturing what it will look and feel like when we achieve our goals is motivating, focusing and capacity building.  It helps to give us a sensory framework for goal setting.  And, a positive, foundational outlook to attaining our dreams.  Continue reading

Laws of Attraction


“Be confident to attract what you want!!” How many times in our lives have we heard those words of encouragement? What is attraction really and how do we generate it?   Continue reading