Struggling for Motivation…A Dear Coach Melanie Letter, Part III

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In part 3 of my 4-part miniseries of life and well-being advice/guidance seeking open letters from the community with my responses, Struggling for Motivation seeks support in managing their time and staying motivated while being in school:

Dear Coach Melanie,
I am a post-secondary student and lately I’ve been struggling to stay motivated. My class schedule is full-time and incredibly intense; I’m expected to dedicate several hours a week on a single class, and I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to do everything, so I procrastinate.   Continue reading

Time Is On My Side

Winter Solstice has passed, a new year is upon us and the days are getting longer again. Yet, juggling all the moving parts and competing priorities (New Year’s resolutions and all) in our lives is still a tricky piece of business!  Feeling like you’re constantly racing against the clock, and not accomplishing all that you’ve set out to do can quickly become demotivating and discouraging.  Managing our time in this modern, fast paced, deadline driven world only adds to the pressure! Continue reading