Muse Meme: “H” W.O.W. Words of the Day


HEALING: You have the tools and Guides to heal yourself, and show others the path to healing.

HELPING: Living cooperatively through loving service, we help to co-create a world of a “we” mentality instead of a “me” mentality.

HEALTH: Looking after our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness is a consistent act of self-love.~ Melanie Christian

When we remember to act, think and live from our loving centers; we see and feel the full power of our ability to heal the trinity of Heart, hearth and Earth. As healing begins at home with our own wholeness of health, our tools of meditation, journaling, healthy diet and exercise go a long way to not only providing others strong examples of self-care. But, of kindly loving, restoring and revitalizing ourselves.

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Muse Meme: Strength & Enjoyment

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Mindful Musings: Character & Growth

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Mindful Musings are brief thoughts of the day, inspirations, tips and reflections. Enjoy! 🙂

“Personal growth and continuous improvement and personal development;

This is not the corporate world, there are no ceilings on realized potentials and spiritual asset worth.

Your Light and Love when living your fullest, truest self are boundless!

No minister or priest or pastor will make account of your worldly possessions when you go.

No, you will be remembered for your acts of service to others, your loving kindness, your compassion, your strength, your vulnerability, your creativity, your empathy, your courage, your humanity…your character!”

— Melanie Christian


The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings, reflections and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie

The Togetherness Objective

A dear friend recently asked me how best she could support my continuous success, especially in more challenging times. The offer of service was so sincere and heartfelt it got me to thinking about what family, community and being of service meant to me in my life. I so frequently muse to myself and those around me, that one of life’s many beauties is that as adults we can choose our family and community. We can choose to use our natural gifts, and apply our skills and talents in service to one another.

Elephant HerdFor me and mine, family has become that bond which is not necessarily tied through blood, marriage or obligation, but a decided union of nurturing kinship both through attraction (our common values, shared beliefs, mutual love and respect) and Universal design (we were put in each other’s paths for a purpose and a reason). Continue reading

Time Is On My Side

Winter Solstice has passed, a new year is upon us and the days are getting longer again. Yet, juggling all the moving parts and competing priorities (New Year’s resolutions and all) in our lives is still a tricky piece of business!  Feeling like you’re constantly racing against the clock, and not accomplishing all that you’ve set out to do can quickly become demotivating and discouraging.  Managing our time in this modern, fast paced, deadline driven world only adds to the pressure! Continue reading