Morning Meditations

10 Minute Morning Guided Meditation for Positive Energy
Lovely, uplifting meditation by Great Meditation, focusing on Love, Joy and Gratitude.


10 Minute Morning Meditation for Gratitude Positivity to Start Your Day
Light and uplifting, a great and quick way to raise your vibration at the beginning of the day with the peaceful sound of Sara Raymond’s (of The Mindful Movement) voice.


Meditation for Mornings: Clear Negativity, Open Chakras, Awaken Energy After Sleep
Calming, clarifying mediation by Michael Sealey for setting your day’s positive intentions and opening your chakra energy centers.


Morning Time: Cleansing, Clearing and Energising Your 7 Main Chakra 
Clearing, energizing meditation by Ros Place for the 7 main chakras. Complete with positive affirmations for each chakra.


Living Lighter, Brighter and FULLER lives !
— Coach Melanie


The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings, reflections and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Melanie

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