Featured Writings

gerbera-1250295_640Create Serenity Time:  This short, easy to follow, how-to article on meditation and mindfulness was featured on the “How to Meditate & Be Mindful in 2016:  Advice from 8 Experts” featured on the Selfication and Better Humans websites.

Learning How To Make The First Move:  Whether it’s in a professional or social environment, new encounters and first impressions can be awkward. Learn tips on how to embrace your own uniqueness and become more comfortable with meeting new people.

The Magic of Easy Energy Work:  Co-editor of Tamara Hawk’s simple to use meditation and energy centers handbook for those new and experienced with meditation.

Personal Growth: The Accountability Quotient:  This Minds Journal article explores the role personal responsibility and accountability play in mindful self-development.

The Real Reason Why Women Lose Interest In Men:  A brief article examining some of the reasons why women lose interest in their intimate male partners. And, solutions for staying connected and in tuned with one another.

Unlocking Your Growth Potential:  A more in-depth read on using my APR approach as a tool in replacing resistant thoughts and beliefs with healthier and loving intentions.

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