Story Teasers, Up From The Archives

I even came across shared writing from around 7-8 years ago. I had an amazing colleague when I last worked in the provincial government, Brenda my work sister. Brenda used to often say that our work environment was either feast or famine — there was either too much to do or simply crickets. So, in an effort not to starve our very active imaginations we started writing blind, collaborative stories together during those “famine times”. Without discussing or outlining the stories first, one of us would start a story, then share it back and forth, adding to the story until it had reached its natural conclusion (or we had simply gotten tired of the storyline). I doubt that I will share those stories as we often wrote about work and our department – Lol! 🙂 But it sure was stimulating and great fun! Besides, I have plenty of other solo writes in my vault to share. Stay tuned!


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