Foggy Mirrors – Part 1, Installment #3

See Installment #2 of Foggy Mirrors here


“Ms. Montgomery-Moone, the successor of Mrs. Phyllia Montgomery?”

Elanī did not breathe, “This is she.”

“Your Matron has been admitted to our care. We will need to discuss some options with you. Is this a good time?”

It’s never a good time for bad news, dumbass, thought Elanī. But instead, simply replied, “Yes.”

“I believe you have been made aware of your Matron’s terminally progressive condition, whereby an unknown parasite is infecting her brain? However, she is currently being treated for a rare blood disease.” My family is a blood disease, Elanī mused, humourlessly.


“Are you familiar with your Matron’s coding status or end-of-term wishes?”

Fifteen minutes later, Elanī delicately hung up the phone’s receiver and nestled it back in its angel blue cradle. She sat in the cloak of her cold flesh. She sat and stared out into nothingness. She sat until the seething hot tide of pure white rage rolled in like a vengeful storm god, took hold, and threatened to blind her for her countless, unnamed sins.

“Ellie?” Hades coiled his snowy body around her legs. “What will you do?”

“Nothing good,” she hissed in a voice that was not her own.

“No you won’t,” he stated primly in his aggravatingly, self-assured way. “You’re not as wild as you think yourself to be.” At which, Elanī threw a thick stack of papers at the cat, sending him leaping and yelping out of its well-aimed path. “Nasty is not a good colour on you!” Spat Hades indignantly, and stalked off once more to restore his bruised ego.

Elanī shifted and fidgeted and rocked in her wicker, basket seat. Her body and spirit simply would not agree on which direction they wished to go. Perhaps, she needed to do a casting. Perhaps, she needed to burn something down, scream, throttle someone. Anyone. Perhaps, she just needed a good, stiff drink.

Installment #4 of Foggy Mirrors will be posted on Wednesday.

Installment #3 Photo Credit by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash

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