Vancouver Spotlight: Chillin’ with Dylan

Since being introduced to Electronic music in grade 8, 25-year old Dylan Myles-Scott a.k.a Dylan M Scott, originally of Bowen Island, BC has developed a deep-rooted and growing passion for djing. “Djing is who I am…I remember [in high school] having my friend over, and he played an old school, rave techno song, a lot like Sandstorm. It got my attention.” As part of his self-education, Myles-Scott later stumbled across some early years Canadian DJ/Producer, Deadmaus collaborations with American DJ/Producer, Steve Duda, which only served to further his initiation into different styles of Electronic music. By 2009 when Myles-Scott was in grade 11, he finally purchased his first controller. Perfect timing for him to start flexing his djing muscles at senior year house parties and school dances. Hence, began the making of DJ Dyl.

But, House music is where Myles-Scott’s first love lies, “all things house. House has my heart. It’s groovy and funky…That funky stuff just really gets me going.” Despite the appeal of those big, funky, deep House roots, (or maybe because of it) DJ Dyl can hold his own and drop anything that has a 4×4 beat. His appreciation of many different styles of Electronica, and his vision of sharing music of his own personal liking for the collective to enjoy is what djing, being a Disk Jockey, is all about for Myles-Scott.

That tangible connection Myles-Scott has with his crowd, and his soulful relationship to the music he chooses to play is at the heart of his artistic approach. “That’s what makes a DJ really noticeable. When they connect with their own library; they build on each song like a story. That’s what gets me excited about djing. You’re mastering a wide range of music and creating your own story [to share].” DJ Dyl’s love of music stems from the musical experience itself, “a song can bring you to an emotional place. Music can take you away and make you think of something else. Bring you away from a thought that isn’t serving you… That’s why I love music so much.” But like any job, you can’t always do what you want to do in djing. There are timeslots, promoters and headliners to consider. Myles-Scott keeps a flexible mindset about being a DJ, though, “there’s no right or wrong to djing, it’s about connecting with the crowd.”

And connect with the crowd, he has. After taking a hiatus from djing, to pursue other career endeavours,  Myles-Scott jumped back into the Vancouver electronic music scene 2 years ago. More recently, he has co-founded Nevaland Productions alongside friends, Izzie ‘Queen Bee’ Garcia- “the whole package: brains and heart of Nevaland Productions”, Denis ‘Ariez’ Michanine DJ/Producer, and DJ Henry ‘Henry C’ Escobar. For these 4 friends creating Nevaland was about making something to share. “It was about making the same kind of music; loving and laughing and sharing good times together. And bringing as many artists together, as possible”. And of course, bringing “sexy beats and good vibes” to Vancouver.

2018 has Myles-Scott expanding his artistic chops by learning to produce. “That’s the dream to do this full time. Have it feed my life, and work with as many artists as possible, making some amazing music.”


Dylan M Scott has played at such venues like MIA, Studio Club, Bar None and Gorg-o-mish to name a few! As well as, at boat parties and event nights hosted by Nevaland Productions and French Kiss Musik Promotion.

In between djing gigs, Dj Dyl keeps the beats flowing with regular transcendental, grooving, deeply soulful and laid-back mixes. Sample his music here on Soundcloud, ‘Chill with Dyl’; .

Melanie Christian is a freelance Editor and Content Writer at Melanie Christian Writes. She is happily based in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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