The Origin Story of Blockages

Understanding the Beliefs and Thoughts Which Stop Us From Moving Forward

The snowball effect of our belief systems and subconscious programs

I recently experienced a very enlightening, energetic process of having some of my blocks removed. (Blocks are subconscious programs: belief systems and thought patterns, which are holding us back in our lives). One of the greatest insights I gained from my experience, was a better understanding of their inception, the origin stories of blocks.

The Snowball Effect of Personal Programs

There are times when something that is said to you, something you witness, something you are a part of sticks with you. It embeds itself deeply into your being. It becomes powerful enough to guide your emotions and behaviours. Even a word, a gesture, or a situation can “trigger” you without you fully understanding why. This is how blocks can manifest for you.

Here’s the thing, how you choose to interpret these events, directly relates to whether you establish any blocks, at all. That is, it’s not always so much what was said to you, or what you were a part of, but how you perceived the situation in the first place– did your interpretation come from a place of unworthiness, self-doubt, powerlessness?

The creation of blocks is an internal and subconscious process; they can self-renew, validate themselves without you even noticing. It is the ‘snowball effect’ in effect: beliefs (rooted in your perception of events) breed thoughts and thought patterns. These thoughts trigger emotions, actions, reactions and behaviours. All of which are a reflection of your anticipated and/or expected outcomes for the situation.

The result is a program running in the background of your mind. A program of belief systems and thought patterns, which interfere with your operating system. Impede your ability to fully upgrade to your next level. Or, block your openness to download information pertinent to your growth.

Re-Parenting, Releasing and Healing

You are human; you interpret and perceive things based on the knowledge, and information you have at the time. As the saying goes, “You don’t know, what you don’t know”. But here is the wonderful news, here is where your power lies, as you continue to grow and expand, you will gain more enlightened knowledge. Knowledge you can choose to use; personal truths and insights, heightened intuition, increased self-awareness, and practiced mindfulness.

This growth gives rise for more and more opportunities to recognize, release, and rephrase the language of your old blocks. Here is an excellent exercise on How-To Uncover and Release Subconscious Programs.

Once you become aware of your blocks, you can then become more mindful of the negative language, self-talk, and hindering behaviours behind them. That’s the letting go! 🙂

Perspective and Perception is Everything!

This awakening experience made me realize it really is all a matter of perspective. And thankfully, with mindfulness, perspectives can be shifted towards thoughts which feel better for you. Shifted towards actions that are more right aligned with your growth path. Positive shifts that will help you in co-creating the life you truly want, and are meant to live.

I thought this was a neat little insight, and wanted to share it with you all 🙂

Are you ready to unearth and let go of what is holding you back from living in your full power?

Melanie Christian Writes blog posts are short stories, sharings about writing and editing and inspired personal growth tips acquired for Writer-Editor, Melanie Christian


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