Top 4 Spiritual Growth Sites

Best Higher Consciousness Sites on the Web To Benefit Your Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth in a Digital Age
Using the internet to expand your spiritual growth and knowledge

Have you been doing a media boycott? Either consciously or subconsciously? Sometimes with a spiritual awakening you access media less and less. You watch less TV, you don’t go to the movies as often, you deactivate your social media accounts. It can be a part of your growth, part of your ascension process.

Why? Because you are more in tune with a higher consciousness, and moving away from things and people who you are no longer energetically aligned with. More and more, you are vibrating at more elevated frequencies than mainstream media can often afford you.

Is a Media Boycott Benefiting Your Growth Needs?

But, is “logging out” of media really serving your continuous spiritual growth? As one of my spiritual mentors often says, “We are souls having a human experience”. And, media is a huge part of our current human experience (especially, social media). It is all around us, and looking like it’s here to stay!

As your soul continues to grow, expand and ascend, your human self needn’t isolate or detach from the rest of the 3D world. Though media is a constant of your day-to-day life, you do have the power to shape your online experience.

You have the power to choose to have media in your life. You have the power to choose how much media you want in your life. And you have the power to choose to use media differently.

Here are my top 4 picks of blogs, web and social media sites of lightworking personalities this  digital age has to offer:

1.  Tamara Hawk on the Web

Tamara Hawk is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker and Healer, Lightworker and Author based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Becoming more informed can play a big role in your spiritual growth, in raising your consciousness, and in expanding your self-awareness. Well, Tamara Hawk’s blog site is like a spiritual public library. I love how comprehensive and completely informative Tamara Hawk’s blog site is. (Hawk also links to plenty of outside resources in the form of guided meditations, videos and audiobooks).

Packed full of content about understanding psychic abilities, useful meditations for every situation, and how to’s on co-creating your own reality through heart centered living, gratitude, manifestation, Law of Attraction and mindset shifts. Hawk’s blog has quickly become my favourite go-to site for higher consciousness teachings and ascension guidance.

Going down this rabbit hole of divine information is not only fun, but oh so rewarding! Hawk’s posts are direct and to the point– no sugar-coating with this lady. Using easy to understand terminology, Hawk’s blog is engaging, positive and infused with light energy.

Tamara Hawk truly does offer “empowering perspectives” and “personal training for the Soul”. There is so much to be gained here; you can actually feel the channeled energy and love work in so many of Tamara Hawk’s posts– it will blow your mind!

Learn more divine guidance from Tamara Hawk:  For energy alerts, free weekly  angel card readings, spirit animal messages, HEAL.T.H. (Heal The Heart) Buzz posts, meditations, readings, events and more, also check out Tamara Hawk on:

2.  Angels with Ros on YouTube

Ros Place is a Clairvoyant, Angel Communicator, Author and Teacher based in the South Coast of England, UK.

Ros Place has plenty to offer the seeking and expanding on her YouTube channel. Place has an uplifting and soothing voice, which is perfect for her guided meditations and “Monday Morning Messages”.

While they are called Monday Morning Messages, these videos can be enjoyed at anytime. I sometimes listen to the same messages repeatedly, when I need a gentle reminder (or more clarity) regarding a particular area in my life and growth.

Place’s meditations and morning messages are quick and simple ways to get inspired, centered and grounded- by far my most used and favourites of her spiritual resources!

I will admit though, I am a sucker for anything that is well-organized. And Place has made her YouTube channel very user-friendly! This site full of lightworking with angels, success symbol development and meditations, is arranged as a self-directed, online, spiritual awakening program.

You can either go through each of Ros Place’s videos one at a time, or pick the ones you need the most in that moment. Her morning guided meditation never fails to leave me calmly invigorated with a smile on my face. (Even if I’m listening to it on the bus in rush hour traffic.)

Learn more divine guidance and training from Ros Place:  For beautiful guardian angel memes, Udemy courses, guided meditations, angel messages, audiobooks, readings and more, also check out Ros Place on:

3.  Lee Harris Energy on Facebook

Lee Harris is an Energy Intuitive, Channeler, Author and Teacher based in Malibu, California, USA.

I love this guy! I could listen to him all day! Lee Harris’s positive energy and warmth shine through, in both his face and voice. (It always sounds like there’s a smile in his voice).

Harris’s monthly Energy Updates give you a thorough overview of the month’s energetic influences, universal signs and messages you should be heeding, to further you along on your path. You can catch these updates on Harris’ YouTube channel, Facebook page and website– no need to sign-up or subscribe for a paid membership, unless you would like to receive all the extras that come along with a subscription.

I look forward to listening to these energy updates, as they are not at all “preachy” and are always very relevant to want is going in my life, and the world at large. Harris emits great compassion and empathy in his videos. His energy updates often display a gentle understanding of the day-to-day struggles we all face.

Lee Harris offers up a well-rounded energetic report that is clear, soul-affirming and motivating. I always feel lighter and brighter after listening to him.

Learn more cosmic information and training from Lee Harris:  For energy updates, community forum, online store, free gifts, courses, events and more, also check out Lee Harris on:

4.  David Palmer “The Leo King” on Soundcloud

David Palmer, “The Leo King” is a Celebrity Astrologer, DJ, Producer and spiritual media businessman based in Hollywood, California, USA.

Dance! What a wonderfully primal way to express your spirituality, connect with your Higher Self, guides and Source. (Can you tell dance is a big part of my essence? 🙂 ) With New (and sometimes Full) Moon Spiritual Dance Music Ceremonies, The Leo King has found a way to attract a younger crowd. But, what age group doesn’t love great music and a good dance-off?

The Leo King gives you a lot more than passionately channeled dance sessions in these Spiritual Dance Music Ceremonies. As a talented astrologer and tarot reader, he provides unique, sometimes provocative, and in-depth insights into the planetary energies currently at play.

While the dance portion of his show can be like going to church (if church were a dance floor in my living room); the astrological guidance Leo King gives, helps you better understand the planets influences on your emotions, your daily life, and even on world events.

Learn more cosmic information from The Leo King:  For the Leo King app, “Age of Deception” movie, uncut astrology updates, tarot reveals, Spiritual Dance Music sessions, events and more, also check out The Leo King on:

You likely came across this blog post because you are on an Ascension path, too. We are all on different paths of expansion, and elevating at different rates. Just as there is much you can learn from books; there are also great wisdoms and insights to be found in some online content (yes, including social media). Raising your own, and the collective consciousness can take all forms, shapes and mediums.

Will you make the choice to embrace the digital age, and end your media famine?

Will you actively start seeking online content that is energetically aligned with your spiritual growth, and the life you want to co-create?

Happily raising the collective vibration through knowledge-sharing and living Lighter, Brighter and FULLER lives together! 🙂 ❤

Melanie Christian Writes blog posts are short stories, sharings about writing and editing and inspired personal growth tips acquired for Writer-Editor, Melanie Christian


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