Welcome to The Wellness Era!

blue-morpho-1674100_640It’s 2017 and things are definitely shifting on a global and universal level. Despite strife, unrest and a general sense of unease, there has also begun a culmination of increased consciousness; of spiritual awareness, wellness and well-being; of the mind-body-soul/spirit trifecta. A time for transformation which can set you on the path YOU were meant to be on! 

With heightened awareness brings self-exploration. Many of us are starting (or continuing) to ask ourselves what are we really doing that is serving my highest and greatest good? Now, that’s a big question! And, an essential one to our ongoing growth. Try openly and honestly answering the questions in the exercise below. This can be an intense exercise, as your findings may be a little disturbing at first. But, this is good! It will give you a clear starting point as to where some changes in your life need to be made, and what strategies you can employ to get you to where you want and joyfully need to be.

Transformation Initiation Self-Exploration Journal Exercise:

In your journal copy out and answer the following questions. If you don’t have one, start one! You can go old school, like myself, and do handwritten journals. Or, start a journal on your computer, laptop or tablet.

1.  Who am I surrounding myself with those who accept me as I am, and support my continued growth? Or, those who I’m holding onto merely because we have history, and I am afraid of being alone?

Whether you are religious, spiritual or not, this is a fantastic short, guided meditation for naturally releasing negative bonds (anger, resentment, hostility, guilt) by Ros Place: “Freedom from Etheric Cords with Archangel Michael“. I highly recommend it!

2.  Am I being mindful of my thoughts and intentions? Am I striving to reach for the thought which feels better, and raises my vibration?

As harsh as it sounds, a talented therapist once asked me: “How much are you willing to suffer?” And, it stuck with me all these years later. I realized in that moment, that much of my emotional, mental and spiritual suffering in life was self-induced. Now, that’s not discounting the bad things that have happened to me. It just meant I did not need to hold onto them here in the present, and let them guide my beliefs, emotions and future- they were not supporting my overall well-being.

When you start the practice of making conscious decisions to choose joy instead of pain, happiness instead sadness, light instead of darkness, love instead of anger; your life starts feeling (and getting) better and better. And yes, you will still have some dark days and times, but you will be better equipped to manage them, as well.

3.  Truth. Am I living my own truth? Being authentically me? Or, am I absorbing my “truth” from others: friends, family, the media?

Explore who or what are your influences, and if they are working towards uncovering your true, loving powerful Self. Are your key sources of “truth” acting as blinders, so that you are unable to make decisions which otherwise would serve your Highest Self?

4.  What are my personal intentions and desires?

Examine your values and think of your wheel of life: Work/Career, Home/Family, Social/Friends, Personal Development/Education, Physical Health, Hobbies/Interests/Leisure, Emotional-Mental Wellness.

Are you being mindful of the type of person you are becoming, and whether your desires are for your highest and greatest good? Of the beliefs you hold, and the thoughts that stem from them? Remember, your emotions, actions and point of attraction are all guided by your conscious and subconscious beliefs.

Choose your thoughts carefully, and redirect when needed. Meditation can work wonders for this! I often hear from people that they don’t know how to meditate. I love this centering and healing All Chakra Meditation Music, which I frequently play while working. I’m not sitting quietly undisturbed for an hour or two- many of us simply don’t have the time in our busy schedules to accommodate that on a regular basis. But equally important, I am carefully selecting what is being absorbed by my mind and senses. The benefits? I am more calm, not anxious, have better clarity, focus and an uplifted mood to carry on throughout my day.

Finally, end your journal entry on a lighter, uplifting note by listing at least 3 – 5 things you are grateful for. Think big and think small. What happened in your world today, yesterday, this month, even last year that you are truly thankful for having received, done or engaged with? Draw on the heart-centered feeling of that occasion. This is the place where love, gratitude, appreciation and joy spill over into your life.

Changing the state of the world really does occur by transforming one consciousness at a time. And, that includes both YOU and me! By focusing on your overall well-being (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial), you raise your happiness, joy and abundance quotients; giving you even more to be thankful for! These energies will be felt by all you encounter- it’s magnetic! You’ll begin radiating more love, light and positivity, and receive more of the same in return. Our lives, our world definitely needs that!

So welcome to The Wellness Era! You’ve been waiting for this transformation your whole life! Take the first step to uncovering who you were meant to be, and what you are meant to do here on Earth. Baby steps such as the “Transformation Initiation Self-Exploration Journal Exercise” are a great way to start. This year, right now you can unfurl out of your cocoon, spread your wings and begin to fly!

Vibrating higher and freely living Lighter, Brighter and FULLER lives together! ❤

Melanie Christian Writes blog posts are short stories, sharings about writing and editing and inspired personal growth tips acquired for Writer-Editor, Melanie Christian


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