Muse Meme: Wholeness of Self


True healing and self-awareness comes from learning to understand and even embrace our darker aspects like sadness, anger and loneliness. This is an act of self-love. Our soul selves live in a human form, living human lives and feeling the full range of human emotions- both uncomfortable, painful and glorious.

Denying, shaming or suppressing any of these emotions only serves to stunt our healing and growth. There always lessons to be learned for our continuing development- even in darkness. Learning and living these lessons which the darkness provides only makes the darkness smaller and weaker.

Loving ourselves means loving our WHOLE selves. Only then can others love our whole selves, too.

Living Lighter, Brighter and FULLER lives!
— Coach Melanie

Muse Memes and Mindful Musings are brief thoughts of the day, inspirations, tips and reflections brought to you by Melanie Christian Writes. Enjoy! 🙂


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