No One Is An Island

We are always stronger supporting one another than standing apart.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have at least one strong, steadfast person in our lives who serves as a constant grounding force, empowering counsel and broad shoulder to cry on.

Over the years I have experienced, and become more and more aware of the distortion in focus on those who are perceived or labelled as weak, as opposed to those who are considered to be strong. Social services, community supports and even friend, family and professional networks often serve those in obvious need, In the process, overlooking those individuals who quietly continue to work towards “getting things done” on their own.

All too often the strong individuals and personalities in our lives are the ones who silently suffer, crying on the inside while persevering and striving to continue to move forward. Not a one of us is ceaselessly strong. While these very bedrocks of our own social circles, support systems and communities, perhaps, do not always showcase their challenges and burdens, they too suffer from doubt, fear, trepidation and anxiety. And, are just as in need of our loving support, encouragement, compassion, empathy and championing:

  • When is the last time you truly checked in with and acknowledged the strong people in your life?
    (You, yourself may be one of them. And if so, when was the last time you revisited or revised your own self-care routine? Had a much needed “retreat” day? Or, did the sometimes difficult task of asking others for help, support or an empathetic listening ear?).

  • When last did you extend them more than a cursory offer of help? Such as, “Can I walk your dog while you’re getting back on your feet?” as opposed to “Let me know what I can do to help.”

Tap into your own inner strength and power the next time you connect with your “go-to strong person”, and be sure to check in with them first, (they need this just as much as you do!) They will appreciate not having to sit in the role of therapist, counselor, advocate, confidante or healer for a day, and have the opportunity to connect with you on a different level. You will feel more empowered, because you are drawing on and sharing your own strengths.

The more balanced  exchanges of energies we have the more it will serve to create meaningful, vitalizing interactions. We are always stronger supporting one another than standing apart.

Courageously supporting living Lighter, Brighter and FULLER lives together! 🙂

Melanie Christian Writes blog posts are sharings about writing and editing and inspired personal growth tips acquired for Writer-Editor,
Melanie Christian


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