Self-Care, It’s Not A Trend!

What are you doing for YOU each day? In our crisis driven, high stress world, we often stop to ask ourselves this basic but important question only at difficult times. At times when we are almost too overwhelmed to draw upon the tools in our well-being toolbox. Many of us find we are having to schedule AND reschedule some much needed self-care time. Whereas, most of us wouldn’t even dream of scheduling to take a shower, brushing our teeth or having a meal.

Self-care isn’t a trend or a fad. It is that essential time to rejuvenate, de-stress, release negative energies and allow for creative, self-healing, clarifying energies to flow throughout our space and being. It is something we humans have always done, from meditation to cleansing baths. The simple truth is that we are renewal resources. But, like all renewal resources we need replenishing acts so that we may continue to flourish. Without these acts of renewal our energy, our fuel, our Light dwindles- we burnout.

Whether it’s our jobs, parenting, school, even relationships; all these roles, activities and connections require varying amounts of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work. Work: to be engaged in active labour; expending energy. And as such, breaks or rest periods are required for proper maintenance and sustainability. Regardless of the work you do, we all need regeneration time not only to show ourselves loving care, but to strengthen our resiliency and build our capacity to manage both our daily and unexpected stressors.

It’s to time stop scheduling in self-care and revise our daily routines. Note when you haven’t laughed with a friend or co-worker today, cuddled with family, snuggled with your pets or shared a spirit rekindling moment with a stranger. Cultivate your capacity for solitude and go colour, draw, dance, sing, walk, hike, cycle, swim, meditate, bake, garden; turn your morning stretch into your yoga time, your daily wash into spa time, read a book while commuting instead checking your emails. Self-care doesn’t need to happen at home, it can be anywhere and anytime you need it!

What wellness, self-care options are available to YOU? Start using them, consistently and continue to replenish your amazing, incredible self!  🙂

Melanie Christian Writes blog posts are sharings about writing and editing and inspired personal growth tips acquired for Writer-Editor, Melanie Christian


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