The Togetherness Objective

A dear friend recently asked me how best she could support my continuous success, especially in more challenging times. The offer of service was so sincere and heartfelt it got me to thinking about what family, community and being of service meant to me in my life. I so frequently muse to myself and those around me, that one of life’s many beauties is that as adults we can choose our family and community. We can choose to use our natural gifts, and apply our skills and talents in service to one another.

Elephant HerdFor me and mine, family has become that bond which is not necessarily tied through blood, marriage or obligation, but a decided union of nurturing kinship both through attraction (our common values, shared beliefs, mutual love and respect) and Universal design (we were put in each other’s paths for a purpose and a reason). Family and community have become unions where all members willingly provide one another with loving care, offers/acts of service, protection and sustenance (emotional, spiritual, physical- the tangible and intangible). These relationships foster a mutuality mindset; one where family groupings, individuals, other kinships and partnerships, irregardless of wealth, education, race, culture, gender or faith, contribute and collaborate to the growth and development of all those knowingly affected.

Sounds like a beautiful dream, right? It is! It is a living dream- a very feasible reality. But, it is not an utopia. It is neither the aim nor intention of a togetherness objective to construct paradise. All the common traits of humanity are still present: awe, conflict, love, loss, sadness, fear, joy. These are parts of the human condition which cultivate personal growth, teach us to draw on our own power, live authentically and grow some more. However, with a togetherness intention we shift the focus from an increasingly “me” culture to a “we” objective. All our serving actions become more:

  • Collaborative-  “Let’s create together!”,
  • Mutually beneficial-  “What opportunities are available for one another?”, “How do all of us gain from this?”,
  • Compassionate and empathetic-  Demonstrated healthful humanity and increased shared understanding of each other’s lived experience.

Our serving actions then begin to flow seamlessly back and forth with loving kindness and growing benefit to all. The energies are not limited to or benefited by one clique, group, sect or community. They are expansive. The service we so willingly give, we freely receive in return and extend outward, again. Thus, the interconnectedness of the mutuality mindset is both strengthened and magnified. Now, that’s not dreamy, it’s just plain cool! And with that, togetherness objectives have awe-inspiring, far reaching effects touching those often unknown and unseen.

Happy to be of service! My deepest thanks go out to my ever growing, ever evolving family! 🙂

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings, reflections and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie



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