Words for Well-Being

“Sticks and stones may break my bones. But, words will never harm me!”

Words Painted on Child's Hands

A bigger myth was never told! Words hold the power to cripple or heal. They shape our minds, souls and world just as much, if not more so than actions do. The very inception of an idea, great or small, often begins with a few simple words. Think about it, when you have been brainstorming or had an “AH HA!” moment of clarity the words that come to mind are usually quite specific. Intentional, almost. Purposely, these words are put in our path to provide us with the least amount of resistance. Thus, increasing our capacity for self-empowerment. Conversely, language which is insensitive, hurtfully exclusive, abusive or simply thoughtless can bare a long lasting and rippling effort of self-sabotage, violence and disempowerment.

Our own individual lexicons are developed based on how we’ve been nurtured, our environment, core values and beliefs. Ever notice how some words exist in some languages, yet are not present in others? These cultures give weight, or value certain ideals, phenomenon, experiences or relationships over others. When do less vitalizing words appear in your personal language? How are you feeling and what are you intuiting in that moment? Over tired, stressed, hungry, triggered, assuming a situation’s or another person’s negative energies? Recognizing how words and language play an important role in defining our expectations, and guiding our actions is key to mindful relations and continuous personal development.

Begin the positive shift from vibrating with resistant language to resonating with a more fruitful and mutual well-being vocabulary. Choose and practice words which sing with the energies of growth, love, gratitude and acceptance:

Abundant, abundantly, achieve, achieving, achievement, aware, awareness; Boundless, bounty, bountifully; Collaborate, collaborating, collaboration, communal, community, create, creating, co-creating, cultivate, cultivating

Develop, developing; Easy, easily, empower, empowering, empowerment, evolve, evolving, expand, expanding, expanse

Gain, gainful, gainfully, gaining, grow, growing, growth; Increase, increasing, inspire, inspiration, inspirations

Learn, learning, lessons; Meditate, meditations, mindful, mindfully, motivate, motivation, motivations; Natural, naturally

Opportunity, opportunities; Plenty, plentiful, plentifully, possibilities, presently; Realize, realizing, reclaim, reclaiming, reflect, reflections; Unifying, unlimited

Through applying present, active, proactive and easy energy flowing words such as these in your text, speech and thoughts you will naturally feel lighter, less blocked and more motivated to walk your true path and live your true self connecting authenticity with one another.

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie


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