Transition Steps…A Dear Coach Melanie Letter, Part II

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In part 2 of my 4-part miniseries of life and well-being advice/guidance seeking open letters from the community with my responses, Transition Steps seeks support in life after divorce:

Dear Coach Melanie,
I’m recently divorced from my husband and we don’t have any children.  I have a well-paying job and nice home, but I’ve started to notice my life doesn’t fulfill me the way I want it to.  I’m afraid of making the next big step out on my own.  I’ve been with my husband for 20+ years and don’t know how to be without him.  Every decision I’ve ever made was as a pair, and now I feel like there are too many options.  How can I make those transition steps to getting the life I want if I’ve never had to do anything on my own?

Dear Transition Steps,
Divorce is a HUGE life changing and many-a-time a scary event!  We build and add to a partnership believing in its permanence.  And, are often left feeling adrift when the relationship dissolves and shows itself to be finite.  You are more independent, self-sufficient and successful than you think.  You possess a well-paying job, for one.  No small achievement which held many risks and options of its own and YOU alone accomplished this!

There are too options for us in the world these days.  But, it is more rewarding to acknowledge and breathe through your fear by embarking on the expansive journey of discovering your true self.   First, “Know thyself”?  In so doing, choosing the right options for you and truly knowing what you want will become easier.  Transition can be scary, but it is also thrilling and exciting.  This transition affords you a bounty in expression of free will and exploration, both internally and externally.

Carefully pick 3-5 words which best describe your core values.  Write them down in your journal, frame them for your desktop, or turn them into a daily blessing or prayer.  Take your time and really think about whether these are your values, or ones you believe you ought to have.  Update them over time as you continue to grow and explore.

Begin each step of your journey by basing your actions and decisions on these core values and you will be well on your way to transitioning into your new, true self!


If you have a question or situation you would like to see addressed in the Dear Coach Melanie miniseries regarding life and stress management, navigating and balancing life, change and transition, well-being, mindfulness, self-awareness or personal growth email Coach Melanie at, direct message me on Facebook or Twitter @forwardmusesoul.

Please Note: Not all letters will be posted. Thank you for connecting- Coach Melanie Christian 🙂


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