ID Please!

It took me many years to fully appreciate my individual quirks and to realize it is through our diversity that we offer a uniqueness in service to the world(s) we live in; each soulful, authentic person being a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of human interconnectedness.

It is increasingly challenging though, navigating the varying expectations of class, culture, community and desired public imaging, while truly embracing and loving our uniquely authentic selves.  In a global atmosphere which promotes and capitalizes on the mainstream, conformity and heteronormativity are too often considered to be the socially acceptable forms of identity.  Through deliberate and unintentional personal branding (the creation of a persona we display to the outer world) we risk losing our true identity.  And thus, getting in the way of achieving our higher goals.

Our higher goals- those which sustain and further growth and wellness- are best met when we know and are loving of who we are.  Like all age groups, there is something to be learned from teenagers:  despite the struggle with family and peers, they willfully express their emerging personalities and individuality.  As adults, we have a beautiful opportunity to embrace and convey whichever values best reveal who we are:  warm, loving, curious, courageous, daring, bold, enterprising…the list can be endless!

I recently took part in an exercise which I found very effective in putting concrete language in getting to the heart of my identity: my personal mission, vision, values, how I wish to interact to with others and be remembered:

  1. Think of and choose no more than 3-5 key words that best describe your values, how you and others see you
  2. Are these key words aligned with how you wish to interact with others? Do they support your personal growth and service to others? Do they express your authenticity and uniqueness?
  3. Using these key words draft a 2-3 sentence statement capturing your unique, personal life vision.  (Think of it as a brief, accurate profile clearly outlining your intent and higher purpose.  Or, what you wish your higher purpose to be).

Using and sharing these key words and life vision as guiding stones in daily life will make it more natural to remain grounded, comfortable and clear in who we wonderfully are and what we desire to offer others.

Celebrate your uniqueness!  Happy loving and sharing! 🙂

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie



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