To Dream A Dream

Surreal DreamIt’s no secret that constructive fantasizing (visualization) increases goal realization. Putting ourselves in the mindset of picturing what it will look and feel like when we achieve our goals is motivating, focusing and capacity building.  It helps to give us a sensory framework for goal setting.  And, a positive, foundational outlook to attaining our dreams. 

So, why then do so many of us still view fantasizing strictly as a child’s imagination game or a taboo, sexual enterprise? Perhaps, like so many things we are discouraged from daydreaming as we grow older, because they are seen as immature past times better left to the young.  Or, maybe just maybe we are a wee bit superstitious; fearful of “jinxing” our dreams and the resulting disappointment if they don’t come to fruition as originally envisioned.

Indulge and give yourself permission to create your very own mental vision board.  Your dreams are worth it!!  Fantasize, daydream, visualize, imagine and picture your goals in the shower, while walking the dog, or during your lunch break.  When visually framing your goals and desires make note of:

  • What do your goals look like?– What was in place to make it achievable?
  • How did it feel to realize your dreams?–  Were there any physical sensations connected to attaining your goal?  What was your mood and mindset like?
  • Who did it impact and how?–  Did the realization of your goals impact those around you positively?  Who learned from it?  With all things, even the smallest changes we make impact and influence those around us.

I always enjoy hearing and sharing the fantasies of my friends, family and strangers.  It is a great bonding exercise and creative fodder when looking for inspiration.

So dream away, Dear Reader.  Dream Away!  The manifestation of your imagination is right around the corner!

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie


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  1. SHARE & CARE- I’d love to hear from you: What creative and practical activities do you use to capture your visualized goals?


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