Following Your Personal GPS

Pendulum over Compass Rose.jpgThere are times in life when we all feel directionless, at a crossroads.  These moments can be pivotal in regards to our personal growth.  Standing still long enough to reflect in silence gives us the opportunity to read our inner compass, process our emotions, plan and then ACT.

But in this busy world how do we make ourselves “stand still” long enough to read our inner compass?  I love music and find it helps in so many, many ways.  Below are 2 easy methods I practice to “stand still”:

  • Put on some good music and dance around your living room, balcony or yard.
  • Load up the iPod or SmartPhone with good tunes and head out for a long, brisk walk.

Both ways I’ve found give me the bilateral motion (walking, dancing) to help ease the stress that often comes with feeling directionless.  Stress is an enemy of clarity.  Once we’ve de-stressed both physically and mentally we can begin to seek out our inner navigator.  And yes, we all have one!  Sometimes it gets buried beneath all our responsibilities and directives, but we DO hold our own truths and solutions!

How does our personal GPS alert us that we’re traveling in the right direction?  Certain words, comments, images and inner thoughts will resonant with us.  That’s our inner compass.  The feeling we get when something resonates with us is a beacon.  Capture these signals via journaling, smashbooking, doodling, sketching…the mediums are endless!  When we start to practice listening for it we realize that our guiding system is constantly giving us alerts on how to follow the path that is unique to us.

So go stand still and bookmark the resonances you hear, see and feel!  Your next steps will start to unfold from there.

Happy Travels!! 🙂

The Process of Life blog posts are inspired lessons, learnings and meditations acquired for myself and my fellow growth journeyers- Coach Melanie


4 responses to “Following Your Personal GPS”

  1. This is exactly what I do…music is a big part of my life and I can spend hours sitting in the dark listening to it…or plug in when I’m out going for a long walk…

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  2. SHARE & CARE- I’d love to hear from you: While science provides us with a plethora of data to make more enlightened decisions, we’ve all been given the wonderful birth rite of intuition and instinct that rarely steers us wrong. Do you have any stories where listening to your “gut” has helped to guide you?


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